Break the Plataeu 

We all experience a Plataeu of some kind in our life, whether it’s weight loss, muscle growth or even learning a new technique. Even though we might be eating right, exercising and resting our bodies will still come to a point of plateau. A plateau is the when our bodies basically stall and our energy inputs match our outputs. Some people experience more plateaus in their venture to achieve a particular goal and some rarely at all.

Instead of giving up on your goal or feeling defeat less try some of these handy hints:

  • Increase your duration or intensity of your training sessions. If you often shoulder press 8kg, up the weight to 9kg with an extra rep. Or if you often run in the morning try changing your flat run to interval training with sprints.
  • Ensure your moving enough during the day, invest in a pedometer. Movement throughout the day helps with blood circulation and 
  • Revisit your diet. Are you honestly being as strict as you were 2 weeks ago? We often become slack with our diets after seeing results. By keeping a food diary is a great way of tracking our food intake and helps to avoid the consumption of any unnecessary food. Also make sure you are still consuming enough calories and learn to shock your body. Foods such as nuts, oils and avocados are nutritious sources of protein which can be added to your diet to bump up the calorie intake. 
  • Rest! Listen to your body. If your feeling deflated then give your body a rest. Or if your a bad sleeper, try exercises such as meditation and yoga to help relax your body before bed. 
  • Review your overall goal. Sometimes we set unrealistic goals which place added pressure on the end result. Start with small daily goals to help with motivation and confidence. For example if your goal is to lose an overall weightless of 5kg, try break this goal down into daily goals followed by weekly goals. The smaller the achievements the more likely we will stay on track.

Remember there are no limits, only plateaus, it’s how your choose to break through the plateaus will define your end result.  


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