Foods to Fight the Signs of Aging


Smooth, glowing skin is something everyone wants. Acne, wrinkles, rosacea and dry skin are all affected by your diet and environment. There is no miracle formula or magic cream which is going to reverse the damage which has already been caused. However a combination of the foods you eat including the vitamins A, C, and zinc along with sun exposure and exercise all play an important part in the elasticity and hydration of your skin.

Some of the nutritious foods you can add to your diet include:

Avocados contain the healthy fat called monounsaturated fat which helps keep your skin hydrated and absorbs some of those nutrients your skin needs to build new skin cells.  Replace high fat and sugar salad dressings with mashed avocado or simply eat by itself with a touch of lemon.

Salmon is another great food source that contains omega 3 fat. Laura Tasman, a nutritionist from Mount Sinai Medical Institute States that “omega 3 not only plays a vital role in the health of every membrane in our body, it also protects us from a number of key health threats”. Research shows that omega 3 fats from fish stop the creation and spread of cancer cells within the body. Omega 3 is also shown to be an anti inflammatory hence why it’s benefits spread further than healing the skin and can also aid arthritis, diabetes and chronic pain. Try eating fish full of omega 3 upto 3 times per week and feel the difference in your skin and overall health. 

Research conducted in 2012 by Plos One studied the affects of olive oil consumption on 1284 females. The outcome of the study demonstrated that by taking 2 teaspoons of olive oil per day was associated with 31% fewer signs of aging compared to those who consumed less than 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Olive oil contains 75% monounsaturated fat which like avocados plays an important role in renewing skin cells and reducing free radicals. Add olive oil to your salads and drizzle over your baked vegetables. 

Lucky last food to assist with giving you a healthy glow is dark chocolate! Dark chocolate contains flavanols and plant based antioxidants to add circulation and hydration. Studies show that woman who consumed a cocao flavanol drink once daily over a 12 week period resulted in skin with less scaliness and roughness. Choose quality dark chocolate with natural ingredients and low sugar content. 

Apart from adding these foods into your diet, exercise and protecting your skin from UV Rays will also prove to reduce the signs of aging 🙂 



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