A Systematic View on NYE Resolutions


We all like the thought of making New Year resolutions about the things we want to achieve in our lives. Whether it be weight loss, business ventures, travel, buying a new house or simply being more happy. A staggering 8% of people actually achieve their goals, that leaves a 92% fail rate. For most of us new year resolutions start by setting yourself a goal, the reason why we fail at our goals is mostly due to lack of commitment, broadness of your goal and lack of planning!

If we dissected our “goals” and looked at what ingredients we need to achieve the end result we would probably have a higher success rate. For example if your goal is weight loss then you need to start planning how you are going to lose that 5kg and give yourself a timeframe. Planning involves routine, you need to mentally work out what time is best for you to exercise and also what needs to change in your diet. Plan your meals on a weekly basis to avoid overindulging on the wrong foods but always give yourself room to still enjoy life and have fun.

Some people feel overwhelmed with the thought about having a goal which is possibly the reason why nothing changes in their life. If this sounds like you then your goals are probably too large, start small for example if your goal is to one day open your own business and become a millionaire. Think about the ingredients and systems you need to discover and work towards before achieving the end result.

If your stuck for ideas on how to challenge yourself this year then how about making a list of 3-5 things you would like to change or achieve this year then dot point a plan on how you will work towards your goals. Your goal may be to improve your work life balance. Having more time away from work is your end result, how you achieve your goal is your system. Things you might like to consider is looking at what time of day are you most productive, what are the draw backs during the day, interruptions and down time. People who have a tendency to procrastinate about how busy their day is are usually more likely to be less efficient. Plan your day and ensure you give yourself time to breath and digest exactly what you are working on. This will eradicate room for mistakes and inefficies.

Lastly never feel bad about setbacks, it’s how you overcome these setbacks that make you a stronger person.

Good luck with your planning for 2015!



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