Is Confidence the New Sexy?


We all have our moments where we have self doubt, self loathe and low self esteem. Studies show that the average persons daily thoughts consist of 80% negativity.. that only leaves 20% for the happy stuff!If we actually placed all our energy into focusing on our qualities and the positives in life we would have a much happier state of mind.

Here is how you can start giving yourself some self love and become a much more confident being:

Identify your Talents
Each day think about the the things which you excel at either at work, home or a hobby which you partake in. Be proud of these talents and don’t be shy about showcasing your skills! whether they be your ability to make someone laugh, being a great listener, negotiator or empathy. When you are passionate about something you love it doesn’t become a chore or seem meaningless.

Get Moving!
Research shows that exercising releases those feel good endorphins which the end result is better confidence! Being insecure about your body is not going to make you feel any better about yourself, neither is telling yourself your jeans are too tight, nothing fits or that you are too embarrassed to socialise with friends. Its human nature to compare ourselves to others and want to look and feel better. However having these negative thoughts and doing nothing is only setting yourself up for failure. Everyone needs to start somewhere and each person for their own individual reason, you just need to find what yours is and start!

Live Life
Are you one of those people who dwell on your mistakes? Then stop right here. Focusing on the past is not going to make the future any easier or brighter. We all learn from our mistakes and not one person in this world is perfect. Remember to focus on the positives in life and to live each day as it comes.

By adopting one or all of these techniques will help you see yourself in a different light. Start your road to feeling more confident today!



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