Life is not a Race

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time in your day to achieve everything? Do you frequently feel fatigued, suffer from colds on a regular basis? Then it sounds as though you need to adjust a couple of things in your life so you can feel like you are achieving and less burnt out.

Simple signs your body is telling you to slow down:
-Your productivity declines – your putting in all the hours but the finish line still seems so far away. That thing called work life balance is non existent
Sleeplessness/insomnia – you find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep
-Irritable – your irritable towards friends and family, short with answers and feel like spending quality time with your loved ones is a chore
-Health issues – you commonly suffer from colds, the flu or even muscular issues including headaches
-Lack of creativity – you struggle to think of new ideas and seeing an idea through is tiring


How to get your body back into order:

-Fight the fatigue – ensure your body is getting between 7-8 hours sleep, drink plenty of water (enough so your urine is not dark), listen to relaxation music before bed time to relax your muscles (There are plenty of relaxation albums available on itunes for a small price or even free). If your body is tired, then try having a 30 minute lay day during the day and you will probably find you will have much more energy for doing so.
-Eat your greens! – ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function. Try having 1 green smoothie every morning which contains kale, spinach, flax seeds, apple, celery and water.
-De-clutter the unessential and unnecessary things in your life – this is a simple one, i found living just having a simple garage sale helped clear my house of all thing unnecessary that may give life to someone else. This includes those 3 wardrobes of clothes.
-Priorities your day – if you live a very busy life and have hobbies outside of your work commitments, try listing the tasks which you need to achieve for the week in a diary, keep it simple at the start and you will probably see that you do have time for all these other things which you previously didn’t have time for.
-Remember friends and family are important – Have family nights or schedule regular dates with your friends. This way you can plan your life around these catch ups and feel good about having a balance in your life.


See how you go integrating these small changes into your life and feel better for it!


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