What does it mean to be Alkaline?

Ever wondered what being alkaline or eating an alkaline diet meant? Well this topic has been of interest to me of late as I have always wondered what foods were classified under an ‘alkaline’ diet and what benefits they would provide internally.

The term alkaline is measured using the chemistry method of pH. When a persons body has an acidity level of 7 they are considered neutral, 0 is acidic and 14 is completely alkaline. The levels vary between different body parts of the body and can create an inbalance when our pH differs from equilibrium.

Some of the foods we eat are more acidic and some more alkaline. Studies suggest we need a combination of both acid forming and acidic foods. Acid forming foods include meats, cheeses, eggs, grains, sugars including artificial sugars. Alkaline foods include fresh fruit and vegetables, including lemons which are metabolized within the body.

Evidence suggest that even if you eat according to an alkaline diet, nothing you eat will change your pH levels. However by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables could assist in the prevention of kidney stones, improve heart health, reduce back pain and lower the risk of cancers and diabetes.
Apart from the foods listed above. Here is a complete list of alkaline foods. From my own beliefs I generally do not follow any ‘diets’ as such. After researching the alkaline diet and its proven health benefits, it has given me more of a reason to continue to eat a combination of ‘alkaline’ and ‘acid forming’ foods to ensure my body is receiving all the nutrients necessary to function at optimum level. Try adding more alkaline foods into your diet and see what the benefits are for yourself first hand.





2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be Alkaline?

  1. The fastest way to change the pH factor in your blood is to add a squeeze of lemon juice into a glass of clean water – strange ei? You’d normally think that lemons are really acidic, but they increase your alkaline level. 🙂

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