Pretty Pink Himalayan Salt

Everyone needs a little salt in their lives, our bodies are not able to function without it. Salt itself is over 250 million years old and comes from many different sources including the sea, land and space. There are many different types of salts with many different uses. The salt which is your store bought, table salt or the salt added to processed food is actually made up of 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% of other chemicals such as moisture absorbents and iodine. Our bodies have a hard time ‘breaking down’ these unnatural particles using 23 times the amount of water from our cells to neautriize the unnatural sodium chloride. The end result is an in balance in the fluid within our cells.

Excess sodium chloride within our bodies can cause cellulite, arthritis, gout, kidney and gall bladder stones. No thanks!

Salt Alternative:
Himalayan salt is one of earths purest salts. The pink crystal like salt has many health benefits and mimics the 84 necessary elements found within our bodies. The elements inside the salt are so small they are known as colloidal form meaning they can be readily absorbed by our bodies. Crystal salt is also hand mined and does not go through the chemical processing which your normal table salt endures. It also has no shelf life meaning it can outlast your clumpy white salt.
Here is a list of reasons to switch your salty habits to Himalayan salt:
-Regulating the water content within our bodies
-Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells
-Promoting blood sugar health
-Fights the signs of aging
-Absorption of food particles in the intestinal tract
-Prevention of muscle cramps
-Promotes bone strength


Crystal salt can be found at your local health food, organic store. Some supermarkets are also starting to stock this healthy alternative to your conventional salt.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Himalayan Salt

  1. Interesting! I should start looking for those himalayan “healthy” salt. Husband loves anything salty so we should be switching to this. Thanks for the info!

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