Bullet Proof Your NYE Resolutions


Happy new years to all my followers. Its that time of year again where we reflect on the past 12 months and start making new years resolutions. New years resolutions should be cogitation on where you are currently at within your life and how you can improve on your current situation. Some common mistakes people make when setting goals for the new year is that they are unachievable and unrealistic. Resolutions do not always have to be grand, often choosing smaller achievements will lead you on the way to success and ultimately leaving you feeling more empowered to begin with.

Open ended goals will lead to disaster, for example the most common and typical resolution of losing weight.  Making your resolutions precise and time driven will assist in achieving your goal and don’t forget about preparation. Set yourself a realistic timeline if you are trying to lose weight then make sure you have thought about all the variables needed to help you achieve that goal. For example prepare an eating plan tailored to your body type and progress in stages so you are not going ‘cold turkey’ immediately. Join a gym, a pool where possible or look into some exercises you can do at home or walks you can do in your area.  Find ways of motivating yourself to feel better on the inside and also on the outside. I find reading books, blogs, cooking and surrounding myself with positive people always makes me want to strive towards the next level.  These are all small goals within themselves and each involves you making a change to your lifestyle.

Some other small goals you could look at incorporating into your list of resolutions

  1. Increase your confidence and social activities by becoming involved in a club, sporting committee or
  2. Give back to the world by helping out with a fundraiser or charity
  3. Increase your knowledge in an area of interest ie clean eating, harvesting your own organic garden, starting your own business
  4. Look into signing up to one of the subsidised training courses or workshops at your local Tafe, council, library

Revisits and adjust your timeline as you go. This will make sure you will keep on track with your progress. Remembering small achievements are vital to succeeding your goals!



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