Are You a Sugar Addict?

sugar mouth

One of the most common fail when trying to live and eat a ‘primal lifestyle’ is the fact that some people just cant stop eating sugar. Sugar is one of the most toxic foods we can eat, its found in basically everything, breads, biscuits, drinks, cereals and a lot of sauces. Since the 1970’s the amount of sugar found in foods has increased along with our dependency for the sweet stuff. Studies have found that sugar is actually more addictive than the drug cocaine. This is the reason why so many people fail at attempting to change their eating habits as their bodies have become so accustomed to eating foods with sugar that it becomes an addiction.

Sugar candys


This is why so many people fail at attempting to go ‘cold turkey’.
Studies also indicate that sugar has the ability to cause a resistance to the ‘im full hormone’ leptin. This means that we usually end up eating more than our body requires (over eating) and the result is weight gain. Sugar is also the main reason for why we store extra fat on our stomachs. The white stuff is actually worse for us than eating foods that contain fats. This is why we need to be careful with trying to avoid all those ‘hidden’ sugars found in muesli, smoothie juices, ‘low fat’ foods, ready made meals, alcohols and a lot of the pre work out and protein powders.

My advice on how to decrease your addiction to sugar is to eat as raw and natural as possible. Drink plenty of water to keep your stomach full and eat regularly (5-6 small meals per day). When i am in real need of something sweet, always have on hand an organic dark cacao chocolate bar, coconut flakes or some fresh fruit. This will help you keep on track with your clean eating plan and avoid those horrible insulin spikes which result in us feeling more tired than we started off with.

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