inneryou4life on Instagram


Usually i write posts about something interesting i have learnt or read. However todays post is a little more on the marketing side of things! I am very happy to announce that inneryou4life now has an instagram account and also a new website, which is still a little bit of a construction zone.

I would love for you to come follow my journey through health and happiness on instagram and for you all to check out my ‘under construction’ website at 




4 thoughts on “inneryou4life on Instagram

  1. Hey Jess, can’t wait to try your clenseittea! I have just ordered a sample box. Just FYI, when I placed the orders I paid through PayPal and it didn’t add the postage cost on to the price :/ now I don’t know how to pay you for postage?

    • Hey Amy,

      Thanks for your order, I will process it today for you :).
      I am still having some teething problems with the website, however it has shown up on my end that the shipping has been included. If not im happy to post it to you free of charge until I get things sorted on my end :).

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