The Forgotten Stems

broccoli stem

I was probably one of many kids who hated broccoli growing up. The texture, smell and tree like structure really didn’t appeal to me one bit. Now I am a little older… a little wiser and still quiet health conscious, I funnily enough now eat broccoli every day. As we all know broccoli if full of nutrients and serve as a fantastic way of adding fiber to your diet. Stems are usually one of those things that is normally thrown in the bin whilst cooking, However did you know that by eating the stems of your broccoli add further health benefits and on your pocket $$.

Broccoli stems are much higher in fiber, vitamin C, and calcium than the florets. while the florets contain more beta-carotene. Research shows that Beta-carotene is the yellow/orange pigment that gives vegetables and fruits their rich colors. Our body works to convert beta carotene into vitamin A which is important for our good skin, eyes and immune system.

So next time your thinking about tossing your stems into the bin, consider adding some slices to your stir fry, smoothie or green salad and your body will love you for it.



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