Lets Get Zesty!

lemon water


Lemons, you can use them to flavour just about all of your cooking. Apart from adding flavour to your food, they also have many health benefits. I am a huge fan for adding lemon to my bottle of water which i also drink with mint leaves. These are the reasons why you should add some zest into your life:

1. Great source of vitamin C which also assists our immune system with fighting off any nasty bugs.
2. High is potassium that works to reduce free radicals and increase blood flow throughout our system.
3. Helps to balance PH levels by working to alkaline the body. This is especially important if you have been feeling a little sluggish, it may be your bodies way of telling you that your body is too acidic.
4. The more alkaline your diet and your body is, the faster you will lose or maintain your weight!
5. Lemon also improves digestion by helping to flush unwanted materials and increase the flow of waste through the body.

So next time you are reaching for a glass of water, try adding a squeeze of lemon so you to are reaping the rewards!


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