Not so Sweet Sugar

sugarSugar, it makes food taste great and gives us a more energy. A little wont hurt right?

Wrong…sugar is the cause of most degenerative diseases, makes us feel more tired after consumption and also has not so pretty effects on our metabolism. So if your trying to lose weight whilst eating sugar then unfortunately you will need to work out twice as hard!

When we consume sugar, and when I say sugar any form of the three molecules that make up carbohydrates (glucose, fructose and galactose. Which may be contained within cakes, soft drink, wine, muesli bars and premixed cereals, protein powders, pre-work out supplements, fruit fresh an dried, and that teaspoon of sugar that goes into your morning coffee.

Insulin is the result of glucose entering the bloodstream after consuming or drinking carbohydrates. The first effect you will receive from the glucose is the blood sugar high, giving you a short burst of energy while the insulin works to clean up the excess of glucose. Im sure we are all familiar with the reaction after the sugar high and that is the sluggish, tired feeling which is how our bodies respond to sugar.

A quick tip, for every molecule of glucose we consume, you need 56 molecules of magnesium to counteract with the effects of glucose. This explains why man of us even kids these days are magnesium deficient. Research shows that chronic and excess alcohol or fructose exposure both cause fatty liver disease, which drives the pathologic process of insulin resistance, and causes the same chronic diseases — obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Sugar also has an effect on our metabolisms slowing it down for upto 6 hours after consumption.

Research also shows that when a person is in metabolic balance they do not crave sugar. If they do, it is a sign of a metabolic imbalance and it can be corrected without having to consume sugar. But there is a brighter side to this story, it is safe to say that it is almost impossible to avoid sugar all together, however we can work to chose better alternatives than the processed foods available on our supermarket shelves today. A couple of products which are ok to use when cooking are Stevia which is a herbal sweetener and Xylitol a sweetener made from birch bark. Apart from these two alternatives, meats and oils are foods which do not contain sugar and can be eaten along with other fresh raw foods,

So i guess the moral of thing post is be aware of what you are eating as even though it may be healthy, take note that it may still contain some sort of sugar!



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