100 the magic number to weight loss


So i have just lived through a bumpy long weekend here in South Australia. Long weekend usually always spells bad food, late nights and way too much coffee. I am proud of myself for not giving into carbohydrate filled meals or sugar over loaded snacks. However, my main downfall was the coffee…3-4 on average per day, ouch!

My new drive to feeling fit again is to cut back on at least 100 calories per day, in my case this would be the amount of milky coffees i have been divulging in! According to research in the US cutting back on at least 100 calories per day off our daily intake will result in slow but sustainable weight loss. If you are already eating a clean diet filled with fresh fruit and veggies, then 100 calories would be sustainable. Research also shows the more calories you cut back on, the slower your metabolism is going to work and will eventually plateau.

So what does 100 calories look like? See below for some simple changes you can make to achieve long term results.

1 latte with full cream milk
1 tablespoon full fat mayonnaise
1 slice wholemeal toast with Vegemite
1 Tim Tam
6 dried apricots
1 banana
1 brown pear
2 kiwi fruits
1 green apple
1 large egg
148 mil of white wine
355 mil of beer

I wont necessarily be cutting out all of the foods above, but more or less swapping serving sizes and waiting my sugar intake especially from all the fresh fruit i have been eating this summer. Stay tuned for my next story on SUGAR and how much we should be eating.


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