M is for Magnesium

M is for Magnesium

Last night I visited my naturopath whom I see once monthly to ensure my health is always in top condition. Last night’s appointment revolved around work and how it has been a little crazy since coming back from Christmas. My naturopath asked whether I had been keeping up my magnesium intake? No I answered. Well I soon discovered some really great health benefits just from taking magnesium on a daily basis.

When your body is under stress it uses up your bodily magnesium making us feel fatigued, anxious, we might even get head aches, neck and back pain or muscle spasms.

Health benefits of magnesium are endless. Magnesium can assist with maintaining bodily nerves and muscles. It is also a great vitamin that works with calcium to support bone and teeth strength. Other great benefits include preventing seizures, heart attacks arthritis, back and period pain and asthma. Probably one of the benefits I was interested in most was the fact that magnesium helps to reduce sugar cravings which occur when we are under stress. Great to know if you are trying to improve your waistline!

Ways to help improve our magnesium intake apart from taking in a capsule form can be found in almonds, fish, spinach and whole grains. I am currently taking the capsule form along with eating plenty of green vegetables and nuts.

Lets see how much better I feel after a week of taking magnesium.


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