Dining out – Make the right choices


We all do it, its often inevitable when we want to catch up with friends, family or spend time with a partner. Dining out doesnt always need to lead to over eating and the feeling of guilt the next day.

By following these simple guidelines can make for a happier waistline and a happier you!

First things first, stay away from soft drinks as any sugar or fake sugar will provide a glycemic index response in the form of an insulin spike making you appear more hungry than you actually are. With this in mind a custom yourself to ice cold water which will cause your body to burn more calories whilst dining.

Step two, decide whether you really need an entree as your overall objective is lean,clean food not unnecessary carbohydrates or calories.

Try to choose seafood that is unbattered which may be fish, prawns, squid is always going to be a better option that deep fried or crumbed which are non organic and carbohydrate loaded.

If you have less choices on the menu, go for a salad if it is not drenched in some sort of dressing. Ask for lean protein to be added to your salad to help boost your metabolism.

If your only option is pizza, choose ultra thin based on wholemeal if possible with extra chicken or lamb but reduce the cheese and try stick to tomato based sauces as others such as bbq are packed full of sugar.

So its pretty simple, choose options which you know dont contain heavy sauces, processed carbohydrates and sugar.


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